Atelier artisanal de Valérie Ducrocq pour la restauration traditionnelle en paillage et cannage. Ebénisterie de tout mobilier (chaise, fauteuil, cannage chaise ) *** Atelier : 15 rue de beauvais 27570 Tillières sur Avre *** tél: 0232581487 *** Email :

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banquette cannéeHand Caning

This includes several techniques such as:  Traditional, French, and binder hand caning. Strands of cane are woven individually until the desired pattern is achieved.  Cane patterns can vary in size and style.  The intricate nature of hand woven cane achieves a sense of lightness, and complements any decor.  Wonderful as an accent piece on its’ own or as a whole set of chairs in the kitchen or boardroom.




Pre-woven Cane

Used for chair seats and backs, canoe seats and cabinetry panels, cane is cut to size from a roll of pre-woven material.  Pre-woven cane comes in a variety of sizes and patterns. 


Re-gluing & repairs

All chairs are inspected for stability prior to weaving.  Loose chair frames are re-glued while repair work may involve replacing broken spindles or seat rails.

Normandie Cannage rempaillage

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